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Post  Dexter_Black on Sat Mar 29, 2008 6:56 pm

So, this is the end. Iīm resigning from my funcion because of 3 simple reasons:

- SF rifa wants to kill me
- This proffesion is totaly buged, sometimes i see the department chat, sometimes i donīt. Than i canīt set even my own rank, Iīm still a paramedic and all who I set the rank, letīs say, to 13.
- In my total career i had only 2 emergenycy calls so that means iīm kind of bored because everyone prefer buying Health from an Sprunk machine than calling a doctor.

If people learn to respect medics more and to call them sometimes (maybe) I will return just as a pramedic. Never leader again. I tested it only for a week and i had enough. As the leader i would like to promote Homer_Barnes, or if he doesnīt want than Tommy_Molnar. Donīt bother uninviting me, I will do it myself when i join the server. And i would like to thanks to Nicky_Andrews who gave me this position but sorry Nicky, this wasnīt the right thing for me, i was wrong. Everybody I wanted to help wanted to kill me or was very rude to me and piffed me off. But there were some who wanted but thatīs the only 1%. Thats all I wanted to tell you. Thanks Nicky.

Best Wishes Dexter_Black - The EX-Medic Leader
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