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You can usually find me patrolling the streets of Los Santos, donning my uniform with pride, upholding the law as best as I can. Approach me, and you'll usually get a cheerful greeting with a thick Russian accent behind it. This is from the very same man who has been shot at, kidnapped, stabbed, attacked, harassed, crashed into, you name it. But I'm desensitized at this point. No, it's not from being on 'the beat'. Not from moving to this criminal hotbed. But because of my very own country.

I hail from Russia. A country corrupt to it's very core, but I remained ignorant of that fact until I became self-aware. News reports of the ever going conflict between Russia and Chechnya made me think. Why would human beings do such things to one another? See, I've always had an interest in human behaviour, and often find myself thinking of subjects most people don't. I'm weird like that.

I wasn't sure of what I wanted to do with my life, but one thing was for certain: I always had a strong inclination towards justice and supporting what is right in this world. My parents urged me to take up farming, continue the family tradition, but this was cut short when I was drafted into the military during the first Chechyan war. I was an eager recruit, hoping that maybe I could finally have an outlet to serve my country, if I only I knew. I witnessed atrocities no man should see. My first battle was during Russia's attempted takeover of Chechyna's capital, Grozny. I barely remember the day, the only thing I do was moving out when my superiors told me to, firing my weapon when needed, and taking cover. It was a flash of explosions, blood, and gore, a miracle I survived. All for nothing, it seemed, as Chechen forces re-took the city in August 1996.

It was a cold, dreary day when we received word that a missing squad of our comrades have been found, but not alive. Beheaded by their Chechyan enemies, I was traumatized. Their heads were never found, and the collective feeling among the camp was that of mourning. I was later informed that both of my parents were killed when a group of Chechnyan insurgents stormed a hospital, the Budyonnovsk Hospital hostage crisis. I could not attend their funeral. I was later discharged from the army on grounds that I could no longer effectively serve due to my anxiety disorders. Suffering from post-tramautic stress disorder, I left the army a decorated Seargant.

I took up body building as an outlet for my pent up stress and frustration. Needing a fresh start, I quickly left Russia, and moved to Los Santos. I inhaled deeply upon exiting the plane, thoughts of a new life filling my mind. I was attacked as soon as I left the airport. Renting a room from someone with 'questionable' activities, I came upon a flyer. 'JOIN THE FCPD' stuck out at me, and a grin slowly crept along my face as I read it. I hurried home, and the rest is history.

I found myself at the Police Academy weeks later, listening intently at our police chief, Jimmy Hernandez, taught us various PIT maneuvers. I stood along a cold, concrete wall among a line of other hopeful police students. I excelled at the training. Weeks later still, I was out on the streets, finally doing something I loved. Beaming with pride, I woke up each day hopeful of things to come. I was soon promoted up two ranks for my service towards the Los Santos Police Department.

I'm now a Corporal and the FCPD, and I hide my emotions behind my sense of humour. I'm medicated, and the future is looking bright for me. On my off days, I exercize, and have just submitted an application to join both the SWAT and ACU branch of the Police Department, the ACU being a contingent of undercover officers. I have a girlfriend currently, and maybe, just maybe, despite the often poor state of order in this city, it was what I neede-

Ryan's radio flares up. More possible gang activity. "My job's never over..." he says before speaking coded jargon into his radio, and hurriedly drops his coffee and enters his cruiser, zooming off, before the only thing you can see is a flash of blue and red in the distance.
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