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Cajak Jacob Lunam is an Italian boy who moved in San Andreas in 1999 after graduation in Italy. After staying in Dillimore for a while, he decides to change and travels to Las Venturas. In the big city he meets a big amount of Italians who like him, left the Country to follow the american dream. But Cajak doesn't like Las Venturas: too cahotic and dangerous, even if the town opens him the doors to the Detective career. Cajak opens a private detective office and starts making small investigations like... discover if a man was cheating his wife or where was the old grandpa gone. He likes his job but he would prefer to go to a smaller city, where even the barman is considered a local hero. After this decision he leaves LV and searches for another place to live. He chooses to live in Fort Carson because he never liked to live in a small house in the middle of the city, and also because the land of FC remembers him his birthplace. In Fort Carson we can usually see him going around with a grey Clover or staying next to a hearse and watching people passing on Fort Carson's main street.

Contrary to what Cajak wants to make people think about him, he's a very playful person with a strange Italian accent. This turns some of his meetings in really funny discussions. He usually wears a blue suit and comfortable Italian shoes, which makes him look like a serious man which would never get drunk in his life, the exact opposite of what Cajak really is.
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