Jason Davine - His current life story

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Jason Davine - His current life story

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Born in 1979, Jason Davine what an athletic lad. At 13 years old, Jason had brown hair, in a dark shade, which made it look black. He also had Blue eyes, not to forget is tanned skin!

Jason lived in Vice City as a kid, Little Haiti to be exact. Such a corrupt place it was, full of gangs, shooting, robbings, but we shouldn't go into that. As a kid, Jason had mixed dreams - One side told him he should become a cop when he was older, the other said he should become a gangster. Jason didn't know what to pick, but the future holds everything!

By the age of 16, Jason and his parents moved to Los Santos, in San Andreas. It was a sudden move, Jason didn't even see it coming! He got used to the place though. Such a friendly community, with the only down side being yet more gangs! Although more gangs here, there was ALOT less robbing and shooting. Jason actually liked it there!

During Jason's school career, Jason studied Spanish. Spanish was Jason's favourite subject, he loved it. Jason loved Spanish so much, he studied Spanish at home too! He spent all his hours studying Spanish. Atlast, Jason could finally speak fluent spanish. It was a great achievement. He decided that in the future, he would take up something that included Spanish!

Jason lived in a medium sized house in Idlewood, just next to Ganton. Just when Jason hit 17, he learned to drive, finished school, and began working out in the Ganton Gym just across the street. Jason's life was the best life anyone could ever want!

One day, there was a gun fight at Grove Street! The cops were there, there were a load of Grove Street gangsters there, it was mayhem! It hit the whole news, with about 3 choppers overhead the area. Once the shooting had stopped, Jason decided to go check it out. As standard procedures, the Police had to block off the crime scene, but that didn't stop Jason from climbing a few walls to get in!

Once in the Grove Circle, Jason froze. He had no idea about what he had done! Ignoring that thought, Jason decided to carry on wandering into the Crime Scene, and hid in a bush. Jason saw 3 Gangsters get taken away right before his eyes! Jason turned to his left, he looked to the floor, and to his horror, he saw an injured Police Officer. As soon as he saw that, he ran out of the bush, out of the garden, and screamed!

"Help! Help! Theres a..A shot guy here! Help! Medic quick!" Jason screamed at the top of his voice. As soon as he caught everyones attention, 2 medics on scene rushed over to Jason. Jason pointed to the medics, and told them "There! In the bush!"

About 10 minutes later, after everything had cleared off, and the Police were packing up, Jason wandered over to a group of 3 officers. "Kid. You know how dangerous it was in there?!" Said an Officer. Jason just stayed silent. "Thank you." Said the other officer. Jason looked confused and replied "Huh?!." "You may have saved an officers life, Thank you." Said and officer. "Uhh sure, no problem" Replied Jason, and he walked away.

That was the only big event in Jason's teenager days. No more shootings, no more robbings, just that. What a boring life Jason thought he had. About 9 years after that event, Jason became 26. After 9 years of boredom, and education, Jason was finally ready, ready to really start his life!

A few months later, Jason ordered his ticket. He packed his bag, and called a cab. Jason waited inside his silent home, taking loud, deep breaths. As the cab came, and beeped his horn. He hugged his mom and dad, and finally gave them a final farewell. That was the last time Jason would ever see his mother and father.

The taxi arrived at Los Santos International, and Jason went inside. Jason checked in, and waited for his flight. Jason then boarded his flight, and flew to Las Venturas. As Jason arrived, he looked around. Such a warm place it was. The people seemed friendly, and he smiled at all the people he walked past, as he paced to the outside door. Jason waved for a cab, and got in.

After a long drive, Jason finally arrived at his final destination; Fort Carson. Thought it's a small place, Jason heard about the friendly, calm community, and the late formation of Fort Carson, Dillimore and Blueberry. Jason was excited, he was going to spend his life there!

2 months passed, and Jason was living his peaceful life in Fort Carson. Jason wondered 'What should I do? I've arrived here, and all people can talk about is 'guns, cars and gangs. If everyone is obsessed with them, why don't they make things with they're life?' That very thought gave Jason an idea; He was going to start a gang - The Nuestra Famalia.

Jason gathered his new friends, and started the family - The Spanish family, infact! He started off small, in 1 flat in Blueberry, until the Nuestra Famalia finally drove everyone out, and took all the flats! They bought a few cars, a van and 2 motorbikes, and decided to do something, something large. The Nuestra Famalia found they had some enemies; The El Coroņa family. This was a big; Jason finally got to use his Spanish skills in his life! Apparently, Jason's life was perfect.

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