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Tupac_Gill character story

Post  Tupac_Gill on Thu Apr 24, 2008 12:26 am

Im born in 1982 in Liberty City,Portland island,Red Lights District.Im black,my weight is 237lbs.My heigh is 6'3,skin is black.
When i was 6 years my parents leaved me with 17 years old brother.They had some bussines in Los Santos.My brother promised them to keep an eye on me,but when they leaved he forgot about his words...
So i was growing alone,just like a thug.When i was 14 years im joined The Nines.This is black gang wearing red.They wasnt respect me but i was respect them.They was want me to rob peopless and giving moneys to leader.When i was 16 i was get real respect but some one killed Nines leader.Im leaved them.In 18 im robbed laundry to get something to eat on this moneys.But it was under Triads control so next day i get big problems.Next day i founded my brother dead at Luigi Night Club.Luigi sayd it wuz Triads and they leaved a message.He gived me a paper.And i was start to reed:
Hey you asshole,you robbed my laundry.Im blowed out your bro brains.So you next.If i find you.Its not big moneys but its about honor.
Well after this i was really scared.I get to Los Santos.I was trying to find my parents but...City is too big and i cant find them.So i rented a little room at Jefferson Motel.After two month im joined some local gang.
Now im 24 and im planing to rob bank with this guys.We organized it good.So we entered bank,aimed guns at peopless and taked the moneys.But SWAT comes from nowhere.I was escaped.Only me!And gang was arrested and jailed.So im leaved LS to lay low.And i chosed Dillimore.Its near Los Santos.But man in purple asked me there:hey,do you wanna join good gang??I answered:yes.
So...Now im in Desperados.
And im living near Los Santos now.

OOC:((Sry for ma bad english,im Russian IRL))

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