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Server Rules

Post  Jimmy_Hernandez on Sun Mar 09, 2008 8:57 pm

The SF Next Generation 2008 RolePlay server is a RP server which stands for RolePlay.
That means that you can't do things on the server which you can't or wouldn't to in real life.
If you don't understand it, here are some rules, if you stick to the rules it will be OK.

1: No DM (DeathMatch). We don't fight with eachother, if you want too, find a DeathMatch server.
2: RP (RolePlay) driving, we drive on the RIGHT side of the road and we stick to the rules we have in real life (Except traffic lights).
3: Always listen to admins.
4: Don't cut in lines.
5: Don't jack cars from other players (No GTA).
6: No Drive-by killing, its too easy and ruins the RP.
7: OOC and IC (See OOC and IC topic in General).
8: The spoken language is English (Except in /whisper).
9: No Metagaming (See Metagaming topic in General).
10: Try to play good RP or ask other players to help you.
11: Respect everyone else.
12: Your name has to be Firstname_Lastname (Example: John_Johnsson)

Stick you on these rules and you will be okay, if you break these rules, you will be warned/kicked/banned/jailed.

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