Family History

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Family History

Post  Paddy_Collins on Tue Apr 29, 2008 1:21 am

Horatio Collins:
Horatio Collins or shortly "H" is the boss of the family. He born at Sicily and one of the high-ranked member of the La Famiglia Collins. Its controlled by his father. He moved to States , to dominate it. People call him "H". There is no other information about him.

Paddy Collins:
You can hall half-Irish , half-Italian to Paddy. His parents moved to Sicily , after he born. He learned Irish , with help from his family ; also he learned Italian. He met Horatio , when his sister married with his cousin , a caporegime. "H" offer him a job , Consg. He accept it and he moved to States with him. He is an experienced AK47 addict , with lots of kills. People usually call him , "The M.". Only Horatio and Paddy know the history of the nickname.


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