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Admin application (Jack_Johnson)

Post  Jack on Thu May 01, 2008 1:13 am

I want to apply for the Admin Trial from Thursday till Sunday.

(( IC ))
Firstname: John
Lastname: Jackson
Age: 18
Job: F.B.I special agent (No job)

(( OOC ))
Age: 14
Ingame Level: 2
Nationality: Canadian
Time played on the server: 10 hours
Online average every day: 5
English level [Rate from 1 to 10 with a 10 as best]: 18/20
RolePlay level [Rate from 1 to 10 with a 10 as best]: 17/20
I should be the next admin because: I realy ENJOY to help the players when they needs me. I absolutly hate non-rpers (In a RP server), I have played sa-mp for a while and know the game well. I've also been an administrator in other servers.
Any other info? Err. always cool with everyone (That are cool with me) and available to help and enforce the server rules each time im online.
-I see a lot of non-rp on the server and sometimes nobody is there to settle it. I am very active. Im honest and since im playing SA-MP i only played Roleplay server.
-I can control my feeling (If you understand whar im talking about).
-I want this server to be clean of hackers and cheater and everyone to be happy to play in here.
-Im active pretty much i guess. Also, as some may think. I do not wish to be admin to have power and do anything i want. As i said before, all i want to do is help players to enjoy their stay in the server.

I swear, that if I might become one of the new Admins, I'll give my best for the server, to give everyone a very good welcome and stay. I won't be Admin for my own, but for the server and for players who play on this server.

Thanks for reading Very Happy
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