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Steven Hunt

Post  Steven_Hunt on Wed May 07, 2008 10:42 pm

Steven Hunt was first born in Los Santos and decided to move to San Fierro. Steven spent 12 years of his life living in San Fierro, He became in many gangs and decided to kidnap the mayor of San Fierro. The mayor is now dead in San Fierro of Steven, The cops couldn't keep Steven in jail as he can break out at any time with the help of his gang. They decided to transfer Steven to Las Venturas and by then he settled into La Costra Nostra. He has enjoyed his time there until his sister came and started runioning it.

When Steven lived in San Fierro he got kicked out of his mothers house from his step sister, Steven's dad and his step-sister's dad hated each other, that made his step-sister's dad hate Steven, Steven was a good child but turned out to be a criminal. Steven was threatend by his step dad that he'd kill Steven, His step sister Mellisa kicked him out and then he lived in a caravan near the beach. His life was basically runioned in San Fierro so he started doing even more bad stuff so he would get transfered.

The terror that Steven faced lead him having a wonderful life in Las Venturas and then he bought a lovely house and joined into the La Costra Nostra, He's hanged out with all his mates there and also has met some wonderful people. He's been even more bad since moving there, He has not got arrested so he is crime free but he is still one of the FBI's most wanted.


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