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*Scene Of Crime, Patrick running From Robbing Bank,Paddy In Getaway Van* Paddy: Run Jack! Come On! Jump! *Patrick Jumps For Truck And Catches Door, Paddy Revvs Rengine And Shoots Off* Patrick: [Gaelic] Last Time I Listen To You! *Three Police Helicopters Swoop Down On Van And Police Cars Come Out From Everwhere* Police Megaphone: This Is The Irish Swat Force! Give Up Now We Have You Surronded! *Paddy Rams Truck Through Police, Patrick Leans Out Window And Fires A Volly Of Bullets At Them* Paddy: Get Back In The Van You Dumb Fuck! *Patrick Grins And Then Cries Out In Pain As A Bullet Goes Striaght Though His Head* Paddy: PATRICK!! *Paddy Rams Through Another Police Block And Fires out The Window* Paddy: Suck This You Bastards! *Paddy Grabs The Money Bag And Drives Into The Sea, Paddy Climbs Into A Waiting Sea Plane* Paddy: Fucking Stupid Fucks! Goddam Patrick! *Paddy Lands Outside A Beach House in Italy* Ana: Paddy Your Back! Wheres Patrick? *Paddy Stared At Her* Paddy: Patrick's Dead, Sis. Ana: Oh, Well His Time Was Coming But Someone Heres to Meet You *Paddy Walks In And Horatio Is Sitting Waiting For Him, Paddy Hands Him The Bag* Horatio: Well I Didn't Expect To See You Back. Well I Have A Job For You. Paddy: That Is? Horatio: To Be My Brother I'm Marrying One Of Your Sisters And I Want You To Work with Me In America. *Paddy Looks At Ana* Paddy: Ok then Brother I'll Do It. *Paddy Grabs Him And Shakes His Hand* Horatio: Well I'll Be Going, Paddy Head For Fort Carson In the Desert, It's Next To A Broken Jetty I'll Have Someone Pick You Up From There. *Hes Walks Away And Paddy Begins To Pack His Bags* Ana: Your Serious About Going? *Paddy Hugs Her And Nods, He Climbs Into The Sea Plane And Heads Off On His Adventure*


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