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Post  Nicholas_Corozzo on Sat May 17, 2008 11:27 pm

Based on IC :
It was the year 1986 my mother was found dead in the hospital with blood over the place with only a baby crying in his little bed. It all happend fast they told me the mafia ran in shot my father in the knee's so he could watch how they raped my mother one by one. Then they shot her infront of his eye's then they noticed a nurse still alive saying these few words "Liberty City Hospital need help" then they shot her in the head and they trew my father out the window but they left me alive. The police din't know why. But I know they made a worse mistake. I am 21 years old and live in Fort Carson already for a few day's now. I just came here to find peace after 16 May 2001. I finally found a way into the Liberty City Mafia. That way was working for them I started with low life jobs drive them around, picking up whores and drop them off, and way more stuff. Then I finally got in and worked my way up. Then I made it I was leader of Liberty City mafia in the year 2001.

((Will be updated later have to go now))

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