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Character story:

In 1984 my mum and dad find out, my mum was pregnant with me. The 5th July 1984 I was born. I was so close to die because I was born too early. Then they have to give me heard massage, and then I come to life. My mum and dad was so nervous, because if I should die.
When I was three years old I started in kindergarten in west Angel Pine. There I had a good Friend named Mary Schneider. We were best friends, and played together five hours on a day, and five days a week. We always played together with my police and robber cars, she was robber and I was police. My dad worked in Angel Pine Police Department (APPD). My mum worked in clucking bell, as waiter. My mum named Vibeke and my dad named Lars. Sometimes mum took some meal's home to us. But we always get some strait food to the meals.
When I was six I started to school in east Angel Pine. The first day I was very nervous, because Mary shouldn't start in this school. But my mum was there to project me. Some days after the start we should make a project about one of our parents. I choose my dad because I like his job as officer in Angel Pine Police Department.
When I was thirteen I should confirm, at twelve PM I was in the church, the priest hold his hand on our heads and said. "Will you believe and always beet to god? Yes", I answered. Then we hold a big party at one PM. We had it in four hourís to five PM. My mum and dad give me a portable to use when I should to exams. My grandpa gives me a new bed I really needed a new bed.
When I was sixteen I brought my Driving license, so I could drive to school. I used my dad's car because he always used his patrol car. I brought an old car named "Clup", it was a really good car. Some time after I talked a work as car mechanic, I take it so I could work on my own car and learn some more about cars.
When I was eighteen I meet a girl named Angelina George. We were together all the days at the week, unless when I was on work. We brought a house on an island named "Los Santos". There we found a little town called "Willow Field". We brought a new car called "Bravura", I builds on the car a hour on the day.
When I was twenty I asked Angelina to get married, then she shouted "Yes"! The 7th October we said "yes" for forever love. A day we find out that Angelina was pregnant, and we should have our first child.
When I was Twenty one the child being born in Los Santos central hospital, the 22nd January 2006. We was very happy for our new child, we called her "Camilla George Benne". We think it was a good name, and then we choose it to days before the baptism.
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