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Jonathon Cruscoe

Post  Xalphox on Thu May 22, 2008 11:03 pm

"That's it, I've had it, John. Military school it is, the school was right about you. You're a lost cause." shouted Jonathon's infuriated and humiliated father.
"Fuck you too, you horrid piece of shit. Put me in military-fucking-school, at least I'll be away from disgusting it's like you" shouted the fair haired boy of fourteen.

Meerly hours ago, Jonathon had been caught stealing money from his principle's wallet. It had resulted in a very embarissing, for his father, argument and expulsion. Petty thief, will never ammount to nothing, useless, obnoxious, all the things the spiteful principle, whom was not exactly famous for his kindness, had called Jonathon.

And so, soon, Jonathon was planted to a bus...

To be continued a little later, tell me what you think of the first two paragraphs.

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