Ahraz Ayaan; the up comming criminal.

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Ahraz Ayaan; the up comming criminal.

Post  Ahraz on Sun May 25, 2008 9:28 am

Chapter 1; arrival.
SCHREEEEEECH is the sound that is made as the tires of the airplane descended on the tarmac of the runway. Ahraz sat there after a long journey, looking out of the window and enjoying the desert landscape. Not before long he was hustled out of the airport rather quickly and onto a bus. He boarded the bus, and, truth be told, he did not know where he was going. He had just ran away from his past life, boarding the first plane that came his way. The abusing, murdering and the unorganized-ness of his past life made it an unsuitable one for him. He sat in the bus, thinking of what to do next. As if by fate, the bus stopped at the DMV, where Ahraz could get his license. He strolled in and made his way to the front desk, where the instructor stood. As soon as Ahraz opened his mouth, two men strolled in, brandishing weapons and waving them around. They began to call the cops, saying that they had a suspect, but no-one answered. Then they turned to more conventional methods, and began to frisk us for our wallets. In Ahraz's first hour in the town, he had been robbed. The men let him go after that, and what happened to the driver instructor still remains a mystery to him, in more ways than one.

Chapter 2; National Guard
The advertisement for army men being recruited was announced on the radio, while Ahraz drove his rental car around down. It had been about 2 weeks in the town, and he was bored of the slow, calm life. Immediately he answered to the radio announcement, hurrying to the recruitment area. The General (Maxim Moreno) was a tough man, with broad shoulders and high cheek bones. He hardly every spoke, and shouted most of the time. The applicants' first task was to shoot a chicken. The first man wasn't very got at this, he barely blasted of around 60 rounds, he shot too little. The other guy was the complete opposite, he shot way to much and didn't aim. Now the chief came too me. I could feel sweat beads on my forehead, rolling down by the pull of gravity. The chief threw me a M4 Carbine General-Purpose machine gun. Ahraz gulped. As the chief let loose the chicken. Ahraz took aim and squeezed off 3 shots. The recoil sent him flying backwards. Grimly, he got up and tried again. It seemed Ahraz was a natural born shooter, he killed the chicken easily without any effort. And for that, Ahraz got a free ride in the humvee. The other two ran behind.

Day 2 of the NG life, it was bearing down tough on Ahraz, he had many bruises and his nose was nearly broken. He had just come out of a small jail cell, glaring at the wall as if it were his enemy. He had just been taken into custody for questioning. Ahraz's attempt to take over the drug dealing business had crashed and died. It all started with hiring a civilian to find a drug dealer for him. Ahraz's plan was simple, find the drug dealer, threaten him, and make him pay 3 G a day to keep him safe from the cops. It didn't work out. As soon as the man got arrested, for not paying the 3 G, Ahraz's civilian friend took him too the Cluckin' Bell. There, a green Savannah arrived, with a man in green driving it. At this point Ahraz began to notice that his civilian was also green. They hustled Ahraz onto the Savannah, and beat him up bad. Ahraz heard faint traces of their voices saying "Corrupt cops.. We hate them", or something along those lines. They took him to the airport, where they planted drugs on him, tied him up and taped his mouth shut. Ahraz managed to activate the GPS in his shoes, and all units of the law enforcement came running to his aid. Then the men blabbered. They said stuff about Ahraz being a corrupt solider, as well as selling drugs. This was enough to get Ahraz into custody. It was all resolved in one hour, after all stories being explained and Ahraz making up an ingenious cover story, was enough to get him out of the situation. The FBI Director went off while saying "It's time to kill some bastards", and what happened to the men remains a mystery to Ahraz.

Chapter 3; Strange Thoughts

Ahraz lay in his bed, staring up at the ceiling and thinking. A recently new idea had come to him, to overthrow the mayor and become the mayor himself. It was a crazy idea, but it had really stuck to Ahraz. He wanted a position of power, not to be in some fucking army. This wasn't what he was born for. He was born to do great and tremendous things. Then, he began to plot. He had heard of the Director being directly involved with the Hitmen Agency. He began to wonder how he could use this to his advantage. But one thing was for sure. He would have to leave the National Guard and make his own company. A company that deals with things PD don't. They would be spies of the new age, and with no ties to anyone. Only interested in cash, no loyalties to the law. The company would be called IRAC, Information Retrieval and Corruption. They would be bigger than the hitmen, bigger than the PD, they would control the town.

(( More will be added later, this is all an account of purely in character and in game accounts of what happened. Please do not metagame any of this, or you will be reported. More will be added soon! ))


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